Medical Certification and the DOT

The Department of Transportation is interested in making driving safer for everyone. They also ensure that roads are passable. This department works closely with the Highway Patrol to make sure that highway traffic laws are followed and any dangerous drivers are caught before doing damage. This team of departments still relies on the tips from commercial drivers to alert them about anything that looks suspicious. You have to wonder, who is it that makes sure commercial drivers are driving properly.

A commercial truck driver may pass a drug test just fine. They may also pass the physical exam as well as any other medical examinations which need to be performed to verify that they are fit for long distance driving. In order to do the basic examinations, you need to have a dot medical certification. In order to get this, you need to take some courses and pass a test to verify you are capable of doing the responsibilities you will need to.

dot medical certification

Recognize commercial drivers who are displaying abnormal driving patterns. They may be dealing with certain medical issues that affect their driving. It could be an issue of sleep apnea and it could also be prescription drugs, as they commonly cause side effects. No matter what it is that is making a driver drowsy, the driver may need to be suspended until the problem is solved. This is the only way to assure safety for the driver and everyone else on the road.

With this medical certification, you are not actually a medic so don’t worry about learning all kinds of anatomy and pharmacology. Instead, you will be learning some of the more basic techniques of spotting potential issues with drivers. This will allow you to make determinations about whether or not the suspension of a driver should be pursued or not.