Protect your health with a lung cancer screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death for women and for men as far as types of cancer is concerned. If you are a smoker or ever smoked in your life, the risk of developing lung cancer increases by as much as 25%. You can always visit a radiology Edison NJ center for a CT scan to screen for lung cancer. It is much better to detect cancer early than wait and hope for the best. The computed tomography is a rather simple procedure, but one that can save your life.

It is recommended that anyone who has a history of smoking, who has quit smoking in the past 15 years, and anyone who is between the ages of 55 and 80 have a lung cancer screening at least one time per year. The CT scan is used to perform the screening.  Of course, this applies only to individuals without any signs or symptoms of lung cancer. It is usually after this cancer has spread that symptoms are noticed. Thus, if you are in a high-risk category it is always beneficial to have the CT scan performed.

The CT scan is very simple as said. You won’t need any special preparation, there is no down time after the procedure, and there is no pain. In fact, this procedure takes only about 10 minutes of time. When you are having the CT scan performed, you’re exposed to low levels of radiation. Although some people are concerned about risk of radiation, the risks are far less than the risk of developing lung cancer. The CT scan looks for small nodules in the lungs which could be cancerous. Finding these nodules while they’re small improves the odds of successful recovery.

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