Reviving Brain Health

Getting older does have its benefits. It also has more down points than we usually expect. Aside from more aches, pains, and stiffness, there are other issues which are not medical problems, it is just that they can simply happen as we age. One of these issues is called Age Associated Cognitive Decline. It is scary to read that, but all it means is the brain has more difficulty with memory, recall, and learning later in life. This is due to many different reasons and supplements can help with this.

What Supplements Work?

After many years of study, doctors and various researchers have come to some strong conclusions about how the brain works. Many studies done on cognitive enhancement point right to some ordinary supplements, available over the counter, and they are supplements for brain health. Researchers came to understand this by observing human responses to various nutrients. In some cases, drugs were used, but their effects diminished quickly.

Boosting the brain requires plenty of B-vitamins including good choline supplements like Alpha-GPC and Citicholine. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is excellent too. No brain enhancement supplements will work without the B-vitamins and the choline supplements, but the PS brings it all together.

Herbs like Ginkgo Biloba have been helpful to some people, but the periwinkle extract known as vinpocetine has much better effects and has actually been used for stroke prevention. Another useful brain supplement which also helps the liver is Lecithin, available from both soy and sunflower sources.

What Should I Notice?

supplements for brain health

People who are taking these supplements for boosting brain function are always looking for a way to “feel it.” It works more like noticing it. You forget less and can remember more such as phone numbers, directions, shopping lists, and books you read. Everything is clearer and you are more attentive without as much of a tendency to get distracted.